Brace yourselves for sporting history to be made in Norfolk this week – as Floorbox CEO John Davy tackles the Run Norwich 10K race.

You may wonder what makes this community running competition so special, why there’s any fanfare about a perfectly reasonable distance of a race, but that’s because you don’t know JD very well. Believe us when we tell you, this is an epic moment!

 A little bit of history

Rewind to late 2016, and we’ll introduce you to the old version of JD.

Here was a man who was, to put it politely, overly-enthusiastic about his grub, devoted to beer, and who would have wiped the floor with any competitors in a Man Vs Food situation. If you’d have asked this JD to run a 10K race, he’d probably have thrown his pint in your face.

Then he had an epiphany…

Floorbox was launched, and JD knew that he needed to be match fit to lead this exciting new company to success. He’d also just reached a personal best weight of 20 stone 8lbs on the scales. Of course, like most blokes, JD spent lots of time thinking about all of this without doing anything – until his wife Agnes intervened. She dragged him to Poringland Slimming World, where JD realised that as the only bloke in the group, he’d get lots of attention and the support he needed to start changing. Soon the weight was dropping off, John’s pint arm wasn’t the only part of his body getting regular exercise, and he was feeling pretty good.

Meet the new JD

Today, our surface solutions guru is 4 stone lighter, and the only thing larger than life about him is his character. “I’ve lost the equivalent of a bag of cement from my middle, and I’m now running 4 miles at least 3 times a week, I feel amazing,” says John. “So, this ‘Not-So-Fat-Boy is going to do the Run Norwich 10k. Write a blog about it and don’t tell them all that stuff about how much I liked burgers and Adnams’ Ghost Ship. Make out like I had big bones or something.”

John will be running to fundraise for the Community Sports Foundation, an organisation that his son Joe belongs to and that is close to the Davy family’s hearts. If you’d like to donate to this incredibly worthy cause and give John the boost he needs, please donate here.

Don’t tell him the gold medal we’re giving him afterwards is made of chocolate!

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