We understand the plant hire business is all about providing great kit to your customers for a price that works for them and for you. Ultimately, you want to provide a service so good that they won’t go to your competition, and that means giving yourself a competitive edge. At Floorbox, we’ve got surface solutions that will help you deliver exceptional service – and enjoy increased profits, too.

Want to sky-rocket your reputation and your ROI? Here’s how Floorbox can help you do it.

There are two major problems faced by those hiring plant vehicles – whether they’re moving a crane onto a million-pound sports surface or merely digging a pond in a domestic garden.

Help, we can’t gain access to the site!

You know the problem – your client has a strict schedule and a tight budget but on day one they can’t get onto the site. Whether that’s down to the weather turning egress points into a bog, or that the site itself is challenging to reach, the time and cost of delays are disastrous.

Add on a Floorbox solution.

Ensure your clients get safe access fast by hiring out Floorbox track mats alongside your plant hires, no matter what level of protection they need. You’ll be able to assure them they will get to work straight away and make a good return for your company too.

These robust mats designed to be simple to deploy by just one person and take mere minutes to lay. These affordable, multi-purpose mats can be safely used by workers and small plant vehicles like mini diggers and dump trucks and ensure access isn’t a problem.

  • Want heavy duty protection? AMP Panel it up! 

A true innovation in heavy-duty trackway, the AMP panel provides maximum protection with impressive agility – as the brick weave connection allows ultimate flexibility. The toughest jobs can be done with minimum fuss by using this unique system.

Help, we need to protect a sensitive surface!

From setting up events at stately homes to working at the bottom of a beloved garden, there are many times when your client might need to protect their client’s ground. Nobody wants to cause upset or face hefty reparation bills to put the damage right.

Add on a Floorbox solution.

We have expert knowledge on the best systems to keep sensitive surfaces in pristine condition. Once you’ve got our products into stock for hire, you can always call the team for further advice. Just tell us what the system is going on, and what is going on it, and we’ll find the perfect fit for the job. If you factor Floorbox systems into the plant hire, you can save clients the time, money and reputational damage that a reparation job requires.

Want to make your clients happier and boost your balance sheet? Let’s talk!

Call us on +44 (0)203 286 7463 or email contact@thefloorbox.com.

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