It’s the end of the summer season, and you are probably frowning at your well-worn, damaged flooring solutions, knowing they are no longer fit for purpose. It’s time to restock and find the track mats, cable protection and temporary surfaces that’ll keep your events running smoothly next year. The trouble is that your business has to survive the quieter months on what you made this summer, and that means keeping cash flow steady. Although you know that having the right kit is crucial and that you can even rent it out when you aren’t using it to add another revenue stream to your operation – paying a significant upfront cost isn’t an option. At Floorbox, we don’t think financial issues should stunt your business growth, so we’ve found the perfect solution.

Introducing Divido.

With Divido the power is back in your hands because we can offer you an unbeatable finance solution at the point of sale that allows you to spread the cost over 12 months.

This gamechanger partnership is the first in the B2B flooring industry, and it’s designed to empower firms to get what they need without having to break the bank in one hit. There are so many benefits to the Divido service, so here are a few that could be right up your street. We grilled sales executive Josh Harris on the significant benefits for Floorbox customers.

#1 – Finance decisions in under five minutes

The idea of filling out reams of paperwork for a simple finance agreement makes most of us back away fast. Divido’s platform is specifically designed to remove all that tiresome form-filling and help you get a decision in less than five minutes.

“We’ve digitalised the entire finance application process and simplified it so that customers will spend around 3 minutes completing it and can get a decision at the point of sale in 30 seconds,” explains Josh. “Our founders watched the e-commerce market closely as it took off and noticed that traditional finance firms didn’t have a very good online customer journey. With their experience in the payment business, they spotted a big gap in the market for the equivalent of a PayPal-style product at the point of sale for finance, rather than a debit or credit transaction.”

#2 – Make bigger purchases comfortably

Floorbox customers range across the spectrum, from big construction firms to smaller events, landscaping and building companies. Not only do we want to level the playing field in giving everyone access to the biggest range of products on the market, we also want to offer all our customers the opportunity to get what they need without worrying about short-term cost.

“The flooring industry is one where price point can be prohibitive for customers with cash flow issues,” explains Josh. “What happens when you need these products to grow your business, but you can’t afford to buy them? By choosing the Divido option at the Floorbox check out, any customer can benefit from spreading the cost and have a simple repayment schedule.”  

#3 – Barriers to credit are torn down

There are many reasons why it could be difficult for a business to access finance. It could be that you are just getting started and are deemed too high-risk for some lenders, or perhaps credit rating issues have blocked your way. These are obstacles that won’t stand in your way where Divido are concerned.

“The lender we use specialises in working with new companies or those who have adverse credit ratings, so their platform is geared around giving finance options to companies, no matter what their profile is,” enthuses Josh. “The risk is reflected in the interest terms, so it’s higher for companies with bad credit ratings. However, it gives them access to finance they previously weren’t able to get at all. 

#4 – No early repayment fees

The beauty of Divido’s 12-month payment schedule is that offers excellent flexibility without extra cost. That’s evident in their early repayment policy.

“This isn’t like a credit card or a loan – a revolving debt with lots of extra fees,” says Josh. “Divido finance has a shelf-life of 12 months, and you can pay off the full amount at any point, without incurring any early repayment charges. It allows customers the chance to make this arrangement work for them if their circumstances change.

#5 – Be free to grow 

There’s a good reason why Floorbox chose Divido to partner up with – we both share the belief that businesses should be given every opportunity to grow. Together we hope to empower companies of all different sizes to realise their goals by having the best kit to get their jobs done and wow their customers, without the financial headache of stunted cash flow.

“For many businesses, it’s not about affordability, it’s about cash flow,” agrees Josh. “If you don’t have the cash flow and you need these products to grow your business, you should have a way to manage that. Divido offers that lifeline, and we hope Floorbox customers will be pleasantly surprised by how easy the application process and repayment schedule is.”

Use Divido today by selecting your Floorbox products, heading over to the checkout and selecting Divido as your payment option. In less than five minutes, we’ll give you a decision. 

Any questions? Call us on 0203 286 7463 or email


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