Adverse weather can impact on your event

There is nothing guaranteed to strike fear into the hearts of events organisers across the world faster than a bad weather forecast. Marquee flooring helps you to make that fear take a long walk!rn

The trouble is that you can’t rely on Mother Nature to be kind, no matter how many prayers you say to the weather gods. Without being able to rely on the sunshine making an appearance, you are left with a challenge: to get guests in and out of your marquee or tent without turning the entrance into a mud bath.

We’ve all been to those events where you end up shaking your fist at the sky because those smart new shoes got ruined, or your best clothes ended up looking their worst. That’s because the organisers of your event didn’t have the right kit to mitigate against the conditions underfoot and the marquee flooring didn’t help matters.

Flooding can be a major issue at large and small events. Marquee flooring can help Adverse Weather Can Affect Any Event

Find our how Floorbox Marquee Flooring can help you.

We know that one of the biggest challenges you’ll face when staging an event in a marquee or tent is that there will be a main (and often single) point of entrance. This door will constantly be used, and with such heavy footfall, conditions can turn treacherous very quickly. Worse still, as visitors enter the marquee, they’ll bring the mud and mess in with them, and it’ll soon be a total disaster inside and out. The feedback from events sponsors, clients and guests is going to be a nightmare. There is a better way – temporary flooring. Did you know that even the lightest weight system can be the perfect solution to the problem? Used at events like country fairs, outdoor exhibitions, and trade shows, this flooring will create an access pathway that protects the pedestrian and the ground underneath. This kit is resilient and tough, and we can advise you whether it’s the right one to provide the right conditions for your guests. In most situations it is, but you can always move up to the medium capacity system if not, providing you install the flooring before the weather turns against you. Once a temporary flooring system is installed – quickly and effectively – you’ll have a whole new perspective when the dark clouds appear. While the sunshine would be fantastic, the weather doesn’t have the power to negatively impact your operations. You can be secure in the knowledge that you won’t be swamped with angry visitors and sponsors, no matter what the weather is doing. All thanks to a smart product that doesn’t cost the earth. Find out more about light and medium duty flooring systems.

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