The work of humanitarian aid agencies saves countless lives all over the world every year. Often, it’s not the initial war, natural disaster or man-made catastrophe that claims the most casualties, but a desperate need of resources in its aftermath. That’s why Floorbox has partnered with the Humanitarian Logistics Association (HLA), a dedicated collective who aim to facilitate the work of aid responders globally. The HLA’s aim is to empower humanitarian logisticians to deliver aid more effectively – and the Floorbox team are determined to do their bit for the cause.

“It’s a great honour to work alongside the HLA – these people made a real difference in the world,” says Floorbox CEO John Davy. “When disaster strikes, time is a crucial factor – and work must begin immediately to rebuild key infrastructure. But if an earthquake has hit, or flooding has destroyed the area, it’s a tough task to get the people there into safer conditions. It all begins from the ground up, establishing clean, safe surfaces for teams to work and people to get medical help and relief. With contamination and disease posing serious threats to life, having a solid, hygienic surface is critical and that’s what Floorbox provide.”

Rebuilding people’s lives and homes can only happen if there’s access to bring in the materials and that can be tough when the terrain is decimated and dangerous. The HLA focuses on the logistical demands of such efforts, and Floorbox can support their work with trackway, temporary surfaces, tent flooring, field hospital floors and helipads. Thanks to the incredibly simple design of these systems, the untrained local community can easily help lay and establish routes in and out of their area. By harnessing public efforts on the ground, work can begin before military personnel and other trained professionals arrive.

Once access routes are established, agencies bringing food and water can start their life-saving work, reaching the people who need them fast. Temporary flooring can also be used to create medical outposts, safe catering areas and other basic facilities the recovering community may need. Simple solutions can make a massive difference to the people caught up in horrific situations.

 “There are so many challenges that can be easily solved using temporary flooring solutions, and we intend to educate and facilitate,” concludes John. “Working with the HLA will allow us to share our knowledge and give teams on the ground the best chance of saving lives. We look forward to getting started.”

If you’d like to know more about the HLA and their work, head to their website.

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