Prepare to garden like a pro, whether you are in the landscaping business or not, thanks to ground mat superstars, LODAX.

Lodax Budget Mats

We’re excited to welcome LODAX – a fantastic Belgian company with ground protection expertise – to Floorbox as we know their awesome mats are going to be a game-changer for gardeners all over the nation. If you’re a landscape gardener, their Budget Mats are the answer to your prayers, offering up to 10-tonne load bearing on top, while keeping the pristine lawns below protected. Imagine how much easier your job will be if you can move you and your kit across the ground without leaving a trace – and all for an affordable price.

“The collaboration with Floorbox is a great opportunity to offer our engineered mats to an international audience,” says Martijn Vandewalle, marketing manager at LODAX. “Our extensive range of ground protection mats provide a solution for every need. Are you the gardener who has to plant a tree in a garden? Or the site manager who needs an access road for his heavy duty machinery? No problem, we have the perfect solution for you.”

Commonly used by professional landscapers, the Budget Mat is equally affordable for the amateur gardener too. You can achieve marvelous results in your flower beds without sacrificing your turf as the Budget Mat gives you easy access across the ground. Easy to connect, light to carry and no problem to store, the Budget Mat is your new best friend.


Lodax Premium Mat

For those that need something tougher, LODAX offers their Premium ground mats. Don’t worry about the condition of the ground you are working on or driving heavy machinery across it, with a 45-ton load capacity, these bad boys can take the strain. As the manufacturer of the mats, LODAX offer to brand each one with the name of your company (up to 10 characters and only available on the Premium Mats) if you’d like the personal touch.

Whatever works best for you, don’t worry about space for storage. Check out the LODAX Storage Box and find a solution that will keep your kit safe when it’s not in play. These boxes are stackable to limit the storage space needed.

“We know both the landscaping and construction industry needs certified, qualitative ground protection mats,” says Martijn. “The advantage of working with our products? You will be able to use these mats for many years. They won’t break, rust or rot and will help your machines get access to difficult accessible terrain. Our Premium Mats have a 10-year warranty, and the Budget Mats receive a 2-year warranty (details on request). We assure you that you will get worth for your money.”

If you’d like to find out more about the LODAX Budget or Premium mats or storage boxes, give us a call on +44 (0)203 286 7463, email

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