Sports grounds are awesome venues, but how do you utilise stadium floor space all year without damaging the professional pitch?

Floorbox has the perfect answer, and we want to show you it in action.

So, join us at Allianz Park, the home of the mighty Saracens Rugby Club, as we help them transform their arena to mark a very special day.


Stadium floor goals

Stadium director Richard Gregg knows how precious the million-pound artificial pitch is. But he’s been tasked with preparing the ground for the local Jewish community. They are gathering at gathering at Allianz Park to mark Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day). His team need to get their 60m2 LED Screen into place, as well as a heavy stage for the speakers. Given that guests include VIPs like London Mayor Sadiq Khan, everything must run smoothly and on time. A logistical challenge, no doubt, but one made more difficult because when the event is over, the stadium floor needs to be back to its peak perfection – as if no one set a foot, let alone a crane, on it.

Luckily, Richard knows that Floorbox has the solution.


 Select, connect, protect

This is a job for i-Trac, one of the top heavy duty systems we stock. Richard has explained that he needs to make sure that the weight loading onto the pitch must be spread to prevent the aggregate underneath being depressed and making the pitch lumpy. The other issue is that top surface fibre must stay upright because if it doesn’t, there are going to be some Saracens players experiencing very nasty burns as they slide across it. Let’s face it, you don’t want to be confronted by a sore and angry scrum-half!

Pitch Perfect


The i-Trac stadium floor can take heavy loads but keep the pitch underneath in peak condition.

As you can see, it doesn’t take long for the team to lay down the i-Trac on the stadium floor and get things moving. The whole installation taking less than 3 hours! Having experienced problems in the past trying to achieve this level of protection, Richard isn’t taking any chances. The beauty of i-Trac is that it’s so robust and reliable that no-one needs to break a sweat. With a strong focus on being a community venue, Allianz Park is now ready to serve their guests – and with the stage and screen in place, it’s metamorphosed into the theatre that this event demands. All achieved promptly, and in the knowledge that once it’s all over, Richard and the Saracens will have a ground match fit for their next big game. If you work in a sports ground that needs to be used for multiple applications, get in touch on +44 (0)203 286 7463.

Our team are ready and waiting to help bring your event to life.

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