Your garage is the one major room at your property that often gets neglected. While you’d never consider skimping on a carpet, or not bother to lay laminate in your bathroom, many of us don’t give our garage space the same attention even though it has so much potential. Here at Floorbox, we’re on a mission to reclaim the humble garage from boxes of junk and that blender you broke in 2006. It’s time to get serious.

Where do I start?

We’ve covered lightweight flooring solutions in this blog, and this is for those looking for a heavy-duty system. Supa-Trac Light is a great product which is simple to install but gives you a huge range of options. Want to park your car inside, create a workshop, or a games room? Now you can. So, clear the rubbish out, give the concrete a thorough sweep and get ready to give your garage a Supa-Trac Light refresh.

Why Supa-Trac?

The beauty of the Supa-Trac system is that it’s incredibly versatile and easy to install. We timed it, and it took our man just six minutes to lay the mats in a single garage. The non-slip mats clip together easily and don’t require you to have any special tools or expertise to fit them. They are designed to hold up to 70 tonnes per square metre so you can put almost anything on them with no problem. This strength gives you so many options for work, play or parking.

Now what?

Once the flooring is down, it’s ready to use. In our video, we tested it by driving a car on top of it, and Supa-Trac stayed seamless and secure. Weight training would be a synch as the Supa-Trac Light mats will hold all your gear, and ensure you don’t slide around while you are lifting. It’s a far better space for floor training too, as who wants to plank or do sit-ups on grubby concrete? Want to create a workshop? No problem. Messy work won’t be an issue for this flooring. A clean down with a damp mop and the mats will be as good as new. The best feeling is knowing that you’ve added an extra useable room to your house without paying an estate agent a penny!

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