Bad weather can be a challenge for construction at the best of times, but we know that wet, icy wintery conditions can force some sites to grind to a halt. With a project to complete, a team to manage and plenty of obstacles, both time and money get wasted. The good news is that inclement weather doesn’t have to be this disruptive as we’ve got a solution – track mats.  At Floorbox, we’ll help you get your construction site up and running again fast. 

Don’t get cut off

Treacherous conditions often make getting your workforce and vehicles on and off site a logistical nightmare. The last thing you need is limited or no access when you’ve got a job to finish. As well as moving your people and traffic, we understand that your main concern will be the safety of everyone working on the site. Fortunately, the track mat systems we offer not only protect your team but will also give you peace of mind where your vehicles and kit are concerned.

For those of you working on sensitive sites, there’s also the challenge of keeping the ground protected and minimising the cost of replacing or repairing a damaged surface. It can be a logistical minefield and, if you aren’t prepared, the costs can sky-rocket. Once again, track mats will deliver as we have systems specifically designed to protect the ground underneath, as well as the people and transport above.


Icy roads

Track mats can save the day

Keep your site accessible and your project on track by using our intermediate level track mats. We stock solutions like Lodax Premium MatEuroMat and Trakmat to combat the problems you’re facing. These robust systems are made from sturdy plastic and are the ideal solution to access problems – especially when the winter conditions take hold. 

Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy: 

  1. The system is simple to install, so you can get a temporary trackway in place quickly and using the minimum of manpower.
  2.  As the panels are packed flat, they won’t take up much space in your vehicles.
  3.  Once laid, your workers can safely walk around the site, avoiding trip hazards and rough terrain.
  4.  The load-bearing capacity of our intermediate systems means you can drive plant vehicles and other construction traffic on them. 
  5.  If you need to protect turf or sensitive ground, we’ve got systems that will preserve the surface underneath.

Get to work

We’re here to stop you fretting over the forecast by making it super simple to get hold of the track mats you need. Keeping a small stock in-house will provide you with a great solution to transport to sites in case of any unexpected delays. Access granted!

Simply order your track mats online and have them delivered to your door. Our service is fast and reliable, and our team are here if you need any help.

If you are placing a large order and want to take advice from our experts first, do give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist.

Looking to hire the track mats for a larger project? We’ve got you covered. Simply get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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