When temperatures drop, the demands of your construction projects change and you need innovative solutions to get work completed. That’s where track mats come into their own – as products like Lodax Budget and Premium Mats, and EuroMat are the answer to a myriad of problems. Here’s how track mats can help your team work smarter this winter.


1. You’ll beat the winter delays

Delays can be catastrophic to your budget and result in some very unhappy customers. Having a small stock of Lodax Budget or Premium Mats in stock can get your workforce moving quickly when the winter threatens to grind things to a halt. Having a simple, easy to deploy solution for access and protection means you can be agile in tricky environmental situations. Being able to gain access safely and securely means your team won’t be left standing around, unable to work because the conditions are bad. Keeping the project moving forward and eliminating delays will help you meet your deadlines and stay within budget.


2. They protect the ground below, as well as the people and vehicles above.

Some projects demand that you preserve the condition of the ground you are working on. That’s easier said than done when the weather is rotten. But using track mats will mitigate the risk of destroying the surface and paying high costs to repair it. Recently, EuroMat was used by a company working on a site where paving stones needed to be protected. Simply laying the system down on top of them created a clean, safe working environment, and gave the protection required for the paving.


3. Access granted – no matter what the forecast is.

Worried about how frost, sludge or snow might cause a problem with access to your construction site?

Track mats are a fast, simple way to create access to hard to reach areas. If you’re worried that supply roads will get blocked, you can use a system like EuroMat as a preventative measure. This product is designed with a chevron traction surface that improves the grip for tyres and will closely follow the contours of the surface it’s deployed on. You’ll be able to move light vehicles and workers to and from the site with ease.


4. Track Mats hold their own – and their shape.


use track mats for construction jobs access roads and ground protection


These rugged track mat systems are built to withstand the elements and continue to perform where other products fail. You’ll find that traditional wooden products swell and warp when the moisture content changes, and won’t function in the way they were intended. This is not a problem you will encounter with EuroMat or Lodax mats. These systems are made of plastic that won’t rot, doesn’t split and is water repellent. You can rely on them to continue to work perfectly, despite a downpour or a snowstorm.


4. Slip hazards reduced.

Keeping your people and your kit safe is of paramount concern to any project manager. Track mat systems help reduce the risk of slippage and create safe routes for workers to walk on. If you use a Lodax System, the Budget Mat is finished with an anti-slip surface to ensure you are working as safely as possible. If you upgrade to the Premium Mat, their finish includes several anti-slip surfaces and offers the ultimate protection.

If you’d like to buy or hire Lodax Budget or Premium Mats, or EuroMat, please get in touch. Our team are ready to get your project moving.

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