Whether you’re staging the Glastonbury Festival or a village green concert, temporary outdoor flooring solves a myriad of problems. The Floorbox team have seen organisers go as crazy as a Metallica mosh pit after running up against the nightmare of bad weather. However, a simple and low-cost solution is out there. So, forget the waterlogged horror stories of your past, and prepare for your delighted guests to be calling for an encore.

Glastonbury Festival

Access all areas!

Ticketed events tend to have a small number of access points for arrivals. If you’ve got 100s or 1,000s of revellers rocking up at the gate, that ground is going to take some punishment. Add in any bad weather and suddenly your facing ground that’s cut up and waterlogged. It’s nobody’s idea of a good time. Simply laying down 20 metres of trackway before and after the gate can make a huge difference. A light or medium application system is likely to do the job, and get the festival crowds in and out without any major meltdowns. It also keeps the good people manning your gates protected too. Treating your staff and guests this well will result in them singing your praises.

Stay on the road with temporary outdoor flooring!

Before the first guest arrives, you’ll need to consider the demands of your production build up and infrastructure. The choke points for vehicle access will take a hammering as you move equipment and vehicles on and off the site. This is where a heavy duty temporary outdoor flooring system will become your best friend. Imagine trying to get a 70-tonne lorry onto a field that’s already been hit by rainstorms? That picture is as pretty as Alice Cooper sans makeup.

Working it!

Once the stages are built, the speakers are plugged in, and the site is ready to rock, the backstage staff will start arriving. It won’t be just the bands and their entourages heading your way, but those working throughout the event. For a festival of Glastonbury’s size, that means around 20,000 contractors on top of 100,000 music lovers! What’s vital is that the production village backstage to be first class. Beyonce et al. won’t settle for anything less. Creating walkways and great ground conditions for the artists, VIPs and contractors is easy using all kinds of different systems. You just need to ask your Floorbox expert which is the right one for your job. So, don’t let your festival, event or concert be a washout. Invest in some low-cost, high-impact temporary outdoor flooring, and you’ll be staging the greatest show on earth sooner than you think!

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