There’s no contest when it comes to the most popular first dance song at UK weddings – Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud has even the legendary Etta James’ At Last beat. But it’s not just the music, the sound system and the happy couple that make this picture perfect, you need a dance floor that matches the moment. That’s not an issue if your happy couple is getting married in a swanky hotel, but a big problem if they’ve opted for a marquee on grass. So, it’s down to you as their wedding planner or event organiser to make sure they’ll be slow-dancing on a lovely surface.

Get this party started!

If the event you are planning is going to involve your client’s guests strutting their stuff, you need to put dance floor on your ‘to find’ list. A great celebration is often judged on how many people enjoy dancing the night away together, and that means providing a safe, comfortable and smart temporary surface for the night. Whether you are organising a wedding reception, a birthday or anniversary party, graduation party, disco or a family get-together for your clients, the demands will be the same. After all, who wants to recreate the Uptown Funk video on an ugly floor? There’s plenty of choices, you just need to find the right dance floor for their do.



Let’s Dance!

So, what do you need from your event dance floor? It needs to look the part to impress your client’s guests – and nothing looks as classy than traditional wood. However, not all event budgets will stretch that far, so, fortunately, there is a great solution – DanceDeck®.

The entry-level DanceDeck® is a lightweight, modular system made of vinyl tiles. Available in a range of different colours and finishes, it’s super easy to lay as each tile snaps together, and it doesn’t require expert installation. The modular system allows you to ensure the dance floor is the right size for the space, as you can easily measure and order the right amount for the venue. As an affordable, smart and safe dance floor surface, DanceDeck® is hard to beat.

Knock on wood

When you’ve got a bit more cash to play with, your client will expect something special, and that often means they need to see a real wooden floor. But before you start sweating over the budget-busting installation, check out DanceDeck® Deluxe. It’s got all the elegance of the traditional wood floor but comes with none of the fuss. 

DanceDeck® Deluxe is made with wood parquet but with the functionality of a polypropylene base. It’s a modular system with snap connections that require no specialist tools or workers. Instead, a team of two can have a 15ftx15ft dance floor down in 30 minutes.

When it comes to great style, DanceDeck® Deluxe delivers as you can customise it with different light or dark wood finishes to blend into the event design beautifully. Built to be both shock absorbent and slip-resistant, all dancing queens and kings (as well as head-banging uncles) will be well protected. Once the guests have gone home, it won’t take long to dismantle DanceDeck® Deluxe, ready to be transported flat to the next party. 

Don’t Stop Believing 

If you’re worried, there’ll be murder on the dance floor if you don’t get this right, get in touch with the Floorbox team. We’re proud to stock great wooden dance floor options and more economical solutions, and we’ll help you find the perfect product for your event.

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