The Trials of a Facilities Manager

If you’re in charge of an estate – whether it’s a private residence or the facility of an industrial conglomerate – you know that being versatile is a big part of the job. A great facilities manager won’t just maintain the area, but they’ll find the best ways to make good use of it. (a temporary car park maybe?) That’s because the demands of the business or owner will change over time and you’ve got to be ready to adapt. So let’s imagine that you’ve been asked to modify the business environment because the people using the estate need to use it for a different purpose. How do you change the ground for a one-off or temporary reason, or test a new application without spending dramatic amounts of money?

Temporary flooring is the low-cost, easy to use and effective solution you need.

It worked for the Bentley Motor Company back in the early noughties. As classy car lovers will know, this prestigious brand has a big factory in Crewe where they produce their stunning vehicles. Back then, they had just released the GT Continental, and it was selling super fast. This new model was such a huge hit with their target audience that they needed start making this car in volume. What a nice problem to have.

Temporary car parking to help facilities managers make the best of their land assetsGreat looking cars being made in great numbers in the mid 2000’s at Bentley

The trouble for the Bentley facilities manager was that to up their output of GT Continentals, the businesses needed to bring in hundreds of specialist employees to meet the orders. The irony being that they didn’t have enough space in their car park. That’s when we got a call from the facilities manager to ask how we might be able to install a car park fast. Thankfully, I knew we had the solution.

Quick Build Temporary Car Park.

Quick build temporary car park facilities Temporary Car Parking Facilities installed in a few days for the Bentley Motor Company

In four days, Bentley had a brand new temporary car park that would hold an extra 500 vehicles. The temporary surface allowed them to fix the problem fast, while the planning permission they needed to create a permanent car park was being agreed. Once they got the green light from the authorities, it took no time to dismantle the car park, and they could then sell off the temporary flooring. So, if you’re a facilities manager looking for help to solve a complex problem like Bentley’s, get in touch. Our temporary flooring products are versatile, can transform spaces fast and won’t cost a fortune. Give us a call on 0203 286 7463.

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