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In Demand? Five Top Tips To Manage Your Construction Projects Perfectly!

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It looks set to be a big year for the construction industry following a Government announcement that they are changing the way councils calculate housing need. From now on, local authorities must measure the need for housing in their area using household growth projections, and are under pressure to speed up planning permissions to meet the demand. The changes to housing policy were made as the Government announced its new target in England is to build 266,000 homes this year – up 40% from the 189,000 built during 2017. 

So, what does that mean for your construction company? 

The good news is that you shouldn’t have to fight to win work. Demand for bricklayers, electricians, plumbers and other contractors will be high, as will the need for materials. However, to make the most of this opportunity, you’ll need to be organised and resourceful. 

Here are our top tips for project managing your 2018 construction projects. 

1. Be prepared 

Say what you like about the Boy Scouts, but those lads are spot on with their motto. When you are making your 2018 plans, be strategic about your limitations. Identify potential fail points and work out contingency plans in case trouble strikes. You know the hurdles you could face – the weather, equipment issues, staff absence. Consider the technology and software that can make your life easier, and what to do if those provisions fail. Even though an obstacle will always be irritating, you won’t have to go into panic mode if you’ve got a well-considered plan B in place. 

2. Access all areas 

Can you guarantee that you can get your staff and vehicles on and off site no matter what the weather is doing? That’s crucial to keeping a site running and maintaining momentum. Your main consideration in such circumstances is safety, and there are flooring solutions that will protect your team and machinery. Check out our track mat range, as well as the cable cover protectors we have in stock. These products are designed to support construction teams, make life simpler and ensure access in bad conditions. If you’ve got a small stock of these products in-house, you’ll be able to respond to access problems fast. When the job requires you to hire more, simply log onto and take advantage of our quick, reliable service.

3. Get connected 

When demand is this high, and you are running simultaneous projects, you need to have the people in place to do the job. This is where you must work your connections, so you’d better cultivate them ahead of time. Any project manager worth their salt will have a network of contractors, and ensure those people all get regular work to keep them loyal. Treat these people well and they’ll come through for you when you need them. The quickest way to motivate your staff – whether they are permanent or not – is to create an enjoyable, positive working environment. 

4. Money matters 

When you put your budget together don’t scrimp on contingency funds. You know that overheads can drain the bank account and you need to keep reviewing the project budget throughout the job. Be smart about what you are going to need from the beginning, and prepare the customer for inevitable costs. You can save money by hiring in or buying products like industrial mats and cable protectors as it’s a way to maintain site access, so the project continues despite weather or environmental problems. Seek solutions in advance to other problems that could derail progress and send the budget spiralling. 

5. Keep informed 

Do you make it your business to know the latest innovations in your industry? If not, why not? Keeping your finger on the pulse means you’ll discover new techniques and products early, and be able to identify trends and opportunities before your competition. The result? Happy customers who’ll wax lyrical about how you found new ways to handle their job. It’s pure PR that doesn’t cost you a penny, but certainly improves your chances of getting more work.  

If you’d like to find out more about our track mats, cable protectors or industrial flooring systems, give our team a call or start a live chat today. We look forward to helping you keep your project on target.