Supa-Trac Low rise edging pieces (Black)

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Supa-Trac Low rise edging pieces (Black)

These Supa-Trac-low-rise-edging-pieces-black. These "low-rise" edging pieces were specifically designed with disabled access in mind. Although the original ramps are striking and effective, it was thought they are little too "sheer" for wheelchair and disabled users to traverse. So enter the new kid on the block in terms of easy disabled access on and off Supa-trac flooring. These could easily replace sections already installed to provide just the access needed to a disabled area at a concert or an exhibition. What is more, this could be done at a moments notice, and would take a matter of minutes.

Any good events, logistics or construction professional knows that getting the finer details of the project right helps elevate your work from good to outstanding. With the addition of these new ramps, it adds a new dimension to the organisers arsenal, as access could be opened in virtually every area at a moments notice.

So, when you've gone to the trouble of installing a low cost, high functioning temporary flooring solution, don't forget about the edges. The last thing you want is visitors, guests or pedestrians to trip or slip as they step on or off a Supa-Trac surface, so finish them perfectly with these stylish edging ramps. These simple products are the final touch to your Supa-Trac installation and will ensure people enter or exit your flooring safely.

Not only do they keep your pedestrians out of harm's way, but the edging ramps also allow easy access for wheelchairs and light vehicles. The ramps are sold in pairs and come in yellow and black to ensure they're visible to users. They are made from the same durable polypropylene as the panels, are simple to install and finish the flooring system beautifully.

Add Supa-Trac low rise Ramps to your floor today.


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