Midi 4C LUX – Cable Protector 4-channel LUX

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  • the standard for event technology, industry, and all public applications
  • Highly transparent yellow-tinted lid for use in the dark with light tubes
  • heavy-duty,non-slip all-round cable protector made of black, recyclable polyurethane with built-in carrying handles
  • yellow polyethylene lid with high warning effect and secure closure
  • patented, self-cleaning lid hinge
  • 4 channels: 1 channel 80 x 36 mm (suitable for C pressurised hoses) and 3 channels 34 x 36 mm
  • load bearing capacity approx. 5 t / 20 x 20 cm
  • fire resistance class B2 (DIN 4102), DEKRA-certified (DIN 31000, EN 61537)
  • resistant to oil, acids, solvents, and petrol
  • dimensions 89 x 54.2 x 5.2 cm; Weight 11.5 kg
  • reliable protection for cables, hoses, and personnel for indoor and outdoor use
  • end ramps for secure cable inlet and exit as accessories


What do you do when you want to run a larger cable, or even a fire hose, alongside separate lighting, sound or power lines? For example, at a broadcast event, a music gig or a construction site? Look no further than the Defender Midi 4C. The Defender Midi 4C is the perfect go-to system for whenever you need to run 4 medium channels plus 1 larger channel through an indoors or outdoors location. This versatility makes it the 1st choice for a whole multitude of different events and applications, from concerts to carnivals, trade shows to exhibitions.

The Defender Midi 4C can also prove invaluable in less flashy environments like a shopping mall or warehouse. Its rugged thermoplastic polyurethane construction and low profile 5 ton per 20x20cm load capacity means it will prevent your cables from becoming a trip hazard or obstruction while keeping them safely protected from heavy wheeled vehicles and foot traffic.

It has a B2 fire rating (B1 is also available) and is resistant to most acids, oils and gasoline spills. An End ramp and connectors are also included. The Defender Midi 4C also incorporates Defender’s patented self-cleaning hinges, which improves the system’s longevity by reducing degradation from dirt and other contaminants. These hinges are unique to the Defender brand. Like every other product in the versatile Defender cable protection range, the Defender Midi 4C has been awarded the highly sought-after DEKRA certificate in accordance with testing standards EN 61537:2001, which is your ongoing guarantee of safety, quality and exemplary workmanship.

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Weight 11.8 kg

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