ASP 02 Acoustic Barrier

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    Every ASP acoustic barrier panel is constructed to the highest standards, and features a unique patented method of joining panels that maintains edge-to-edge absorption.

    Created from a specialist chain stitch composite, maintaining a 50mm depth throughout, this fully demountable, re-useable and fire-retardant barrier delivers unparalleled sound and thermal insulation.

    This innovative ASP 02 acoustic barrier is our mid-range acoustic panel. The ASP acoustic barrier range is unique in that additional layers and materials can be incorporated to point load performance. This means that the acoustic insulation, absorption and thermal resistance can be enhanced to match a specific challenge or customised to a clients individual requirements. The composite barrier is fully demountable and reusable.

    In addition to excellent acoustic and thermal characteristics, ASP 00 also combines an integral condensation, vapour, radiant and smoke barrier.

    • Hydrophobic core – performance remains consistent despite moisture exposure or age.
    • Strong, robust exterior – combining an integral condensation, vapour, radiant and smoke barrier.
    • Patented joining system – using a shotgun keder to prevent sound leaks at panel edges.
    • Versatile deployment – panels are effective when installed vertically, horizontally or even pitched.
    • High performance – more effective at all ranges than all existing panels and barriers.

    ASP 02 acoustic barrier features and benefits:

    • Outstanding Acoustic performance
    • Resilient strong surfaces
    • Lightweight and easy to assemble, transport and store
    • Polyester FR insulated core - Fire, weather, dust and crack resistant
    • Hydrophobic core means acoustic performance is not compromised with moisture or age
    • Barriers can be installed vertically, horizontally or on a pitch
    • Eyelets moved to allow for ‘hinge’ stitch
    • Patented keder connection fixings on all edges
    • Sustainable and environmentally friendly

    Additional information

    Weight 11.10 kg
    Dimensions 2050 × 1220 × 50 mm



    Class C sound absorption FR
    aw = 0.75 (UNI EN 1SO 354:2003)
    SRI 25 dB Rw (UNI EN ISO 10140-2:2021)
    SRI 44 dB Rw (UNI EN ISO 10140-2:2021) Double panel

    R Value

    1.55 m2K/W


    0.045 W/mK

    Additional information

    Fire Certificates:
    PVC on face and perforated Bs2-d0 (EN 13501-1:2019)
    Polyester fibrous insulated core Bs1-d0 (EN 13501-1:2019)


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