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Securing your construction site and keeping the materials and machinery safely inside sometimes requires fencing. HESCO TerraBlock® is the ultimate protective fence product.

HESCO TerraBlock® is an easy system to use as it arrives flat-packed and can be quickly assembled without specialist tools. Once the fencing perimeter is established, and an entry gate installed, you’ll have complete control over who enters the site. The fencing is climb-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about intruders gaining access, and you can choose the height that suits you best.

Using this innovative system, you can eliminate the threat of theft or unauthorised access to the site, allowing your project to run smoothly. TerraBlock® is used by the military and for crowd protection, notably as prevention from vehicle attacks. This gives your construction team an added level of reassurance about leaving valuable machinery or products inside the site overnight.

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TerraBlock XT Perimeter Security Barriers

From 648.00 - 738.00
From £540.00 - £615.00 (ex VAT)

TerraBlock XL Crowd Protection Barriers

From 518.40 - 576.00
From £432.00 - £480.00 (ex VAT)

1 inch (2.54cm) Flooring

£115.38 (ex VAT)