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Exhibition Flooring

Exhibition Flooring

Managing an exhibition space is no easy job...

especially when you’ve got businesses with many different products or services to demonstrate.

Your exhibitors will demand a safe, level surface to build their stands on, and visitors will expect a smart, dry floor to walk on. Oh, and don’t forget that the venue will require a flooring solution that preserves the ground underneath.

Good news, you’ve come to the right place.

We have a range of temporary flooring solutions that will do the job you need perfectly. They can take the strain of large crowds, vehicles and equipment. Most of our systems can take up to 30 tonnes per metre, depending on the quality of the ground below, and they are quick and simple to deploy. Simply find the system that can take the appropriate weight and works on your type of ground and place an order.

If you need any guidance, our expert team can answer any questions.

By the time the doors open, your exhibitors will have their stands up and running, and the visitors will be happy to linger as they enjoy the nice environment underfoot. A win-win for everyone!
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Lodax Storage Box

From £340.99 - £461.99
From £409.19 - £554.39 (inc VAT)

EuroMat Floor Panel

£148.80 (inc VAT)

Supa-Trac Lite Floor Panel | Grey

£35.99 (inc VAT)

Lodax Premium Mats

From £103.38 - £302.16
From £124.06 - £362.59 (inc VAT)

EventDeck - Minimum order 5 metres

£25.99 (inc VAT)


£8.16 (inc VAT)


From £99.42 - £129.00
From £119.30 - £154.80 (inc VAT)