The military’s job is already tough enough, so don’t make access to your workshops hard work too.

First of all, there are vehicles to consider. The route into and out of a workshop is going to be used by heavy track, or 10-30 tonne wheeled vehicles countless times a day over the course of its deployment. If you don’t protect the ground with a stable, hard-wearing temporary surface, it won’t be long before the terrain leading to your workshop is churned up, hazardous and unusable.

What about the workshop itself? Your engineers already face an enormously difficult task trying to repair machinery with limited equipment and against fast turnaround times. So, it’s vital they at least have a clean, dry surface to work from or lie on top of – a platform that’s strong, stable and versatile enough to enable them to safely jack up a wheeled vehicle or service a helicopter.

Just as importantly, the surface should also provide suitable environmental protection, ensuring it’s safe to walk on, resistant to spillage, and that small dropped parts are easily visible and retrievable.

Floorbox solutions will keep your workshops operating under the most inhospitable of conditions. Our crew are always happy to help so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve got any questions.

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