Anti-fatigue Mats

If you’re wondering what anti-fatigue floor mats do, the simple answer is that they help improve the comfort of workers who spend a lot of time on their feet. By adding a cushioned mat to hard flooring, it can help to avoid discomfort when workers spend a large portion of their day standing, allowing them to focus on their tasks. 

Anti-fatigue mats have a soft texture that helps to encourage small muscle movements in your feet and legs. This helps to boost energy and avoid stiffness as it improves blood flow. The mats can also help avoid foot pain that can limit productivity, as well as improve posture to reduce strain on joints. 

Our range of anti-fatigue floor mats provides suitable options for a range of environments and jobs. Whether you simply need comfortable floor matting for your warehouse, require mats that are resistant to industrial oils or you need that will help drain static electricity to protect sensitive electronic components, we’ve got you covered. 

You’ll also find that we offer antique-fatigue matting that can interlock with other types of panels or accessories, allowing you to create a holistic flooring solution. This ensures that the flooring throughout your premises completely matches the needs of your business.

As well as a selection of pre-cut matting, we can also provide some of our anti-fatigue floor mats pre-cut to your individual specification. This can save you time when it comes to installation and help to reduce waste. Contact us to find out more about pre-cut floor mats. 

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