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Rola-Trac Ultra | Black


  • All-Weather Flooring
  • Quick to install
  • Meets Non-slip regulations
  • Available in 4 colours


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£18.03 (ex VAT)






Rola-Trac Ultra is tough all-weather flooring designed for a multitude of uses. Whether you're staging an event and want to protect the ground from significant levels of pedestrian traffic, or if you want a solid foundation for a shed base or a temporary cover for a slippery wooden deck, Rola-Trac Ultra is the flooring for you.

Or maybe you're a camper or caravanner looking for the perfect tent or caravan awning floor, a floor that's guaranteed to stay safe and dependable regardless of the weather or ground conditions? Rola-Trac Ultra is the temporary flooring you need. It's also ideal for protecting the grass during parties.

Rola-Trac Ultra has been used by armed forces all over the world, creating living areas in war zones and helping troops survive more comfortably in hostile conditions. It's a robust and reliable pedestrian access flooring system that meets non-slip regulations and can withstand heavy loading and multiple usages while always giving full protection to the ground it lies on. There are also edging ramps available, allowing for easy wheelchair access and the elimination of trip hazards.

Whether you need temporary flooring for a marquee, an outside display or a pitch covering a temporary walkway on a construction site, or a temporary pathway through your garden, Rola-Trac Ultra can be laid down in minutes and removed just as quickly. Its click-together system of panels can be fitted on any surface and arranged into any shape - no tools or expertise are required.

And once you're finished, just un-click it and store it away!

Why settle for second best when you can get the full protection that Rola-Trac ultra can offer?
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