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TuffTrak XT Floor Panel

TuffTrak XT is surface protection at the super heavy level, perfect for projects where only the toughest and most resilient ground covering will do.

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TuffTrak XT has a multitude of applications: let’s say you are working on heavily saturated ground with a low CBR rate, and you need a floating mat that spreads the load over four metres. It is important that the top surface remains clean and that no sludge seeps up between the panels and over the edges.

Or consider a situation where safety and strength are both crucial – like a power station. You need a non-conductive surface that’s collapsible to eliminate trip hazards and can cope with any change in the ground conditions, guaranteed to keep the site safe, secure and protected.

TuffTrak XT is the surface you need.

The rugged ‘Chevron Traction’ nub surface and innovative foam filled cellular core makes it the ultimate choice for creating heavy duty temporary access roadways or working pads.

The ingenious cam lock connection system and ‘hybrid’ 200mm overlap also means that, unlike other cellular matting systems, TuffTrak XT won’t intake liquids and dramatically reduces the threat of harbouring invasive species or causing cross-contamination between sites.

Because there’s an overlap, loads are spread across a much larger surface area and there’s no need to place a textile layer underneath the mat. The mat is a generous 90mm thickness and constricted from high molecular strength glass reinforced nylon composite, complete with a tough but simple to use Four/3 connector that makes locking the pads together quick and easy.

This versatile connecting system allows for optimal positional adjustment, meaning that TuffTrak XT can be deployed in any number of different mat configurations.

TuffTrak XT is a bomb-proof product, is lighter to transport than most other temporary road solutions (reducing transportation costs) and can be installed quickly and efficiently in the most adverse ground conditions.

If you’re looking for premium surface protection, TuffTrak XT is an excellent choice.

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