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TrenchSafe Trench & Hole Covers

TrenchSafe delivers safe access for pedestrians during remedial and new groundwork projects, where the areas of work impinge on footpaths and pedestrian areas.

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If your company is tasked with digging a hole in a pavement or a public area that’s used all the time, you have to ensure that pedestrians can walk across safely.

These trenches are often left overnight, and the responsibility of providing safe access falls to you. So, installing TrenchSafe helps you meet that obligation and protect the people walking on your working area; whether you are part of a utility company laying pipes and cabling, or in construction engineering sector working to connect amenities to homes.

TrenchSafe is constructed from glass reinforced SMC (Sheet Material Compound) and covers the trench so that pedestrians and light vehicles (cars and small vans weighing up to 2 tonnes) can travel safely across it if necessary.

Each panel is designed to carry 500 kg / half a tonne over four separate points of contact (although the rubbed underside delivers substantial additional strength) and its resilient all-weather construction means it is substantially lighter than steel covers and much stronger and safer than wooden sheeting.

TrenchSafe’s ingenious design maximises visibility in low-light or poor weather conditions and incorporates a unique high grip chevron traction surface which minimises the risk of slips, trips or falls and includes a non-slip leading edge.

Manufactured under ISO 9001 accredited quality control, TrenchSafe is compliant with DETR Safety at Street-works and Roadworks Code of Practice, BS EN 124 and Safe Working Practice.

TrenchSafe is part of our innovative Ground Solutions Safety Product range and is specifically designed to meet the needs of construction and street works contractors.

It is available in two size options to cover apertures, bores and trenches up to a maximum of 700mm or 900mm. Deployment is easy - a two-man team can install TrenchSafe with no specialist tools or knowledge required, and pre-pressed 25mm anchor points enable the plates to be secured safely to roads or pathways with the use of fixing pins.

If you’re digging a hole in a public space, keep yourself safe and don’t risk liability for pedestrian injury.

You can rely on TrenchSafe.
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