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Trakmat Floor Panel

Trakmat is the climate-friendly granddaddy of all matting systems. Like Euromat, it is a versatile and cost-effective matting system that is excellent for creating temporary access roadway systems, work pads or depot/storage areas on top of soft or sensitive ground.

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It is also perfect for opening up access onto fragile high-value sites, such as professional golf courses, landscaped areas and football pitches, because it closely follows the contors of the surface it's laid on. Contractors who need to carry out work on a location like a golf course know that the condition of the grass is paramount to members. With TrakMat you can create temporary access and keep the grass alive, even in hotter temperatures. Thatís where the systemís light colour scheme comes into itís own, reflecting heat and never burning the underlying surface. Work completed, TrakMat can be removed quickly before the members have reached the 9th hole.

The unique way the mats follow the contors of the ground is a characteristic which makes TrakMat especially useful for undulating or sloping conditions. It is also the lightest full-size mat in the industry with strategically placed hand cut-outs allowing it to be picked up and deployed quickly and effortlessly. Trakmat also has connector holes on all four corners which make linking the mats together and assembling them into a configuration extremely simple.

Trakmat is perfect for carrying moving loads across difficult terrain like mud or sand and although it will bend it wonít break. If you need to build a temporary roadway or work pad in a location where the weather is hot, TrakMat is the system you should consider.
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