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Technotile All-Weather Sports Flooring

Attention sports facilities managers, Tecnotile is the non-slip, self-draining, cushioned surface you’ve been looking for. Designed to be used in all weathers, indoors or outside, and even in swimming pools, Tecnotile is an excellent long term option on which to play many kinds of different sports.

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If your customers come to participate in games such as football, netball, cricket, five-a-side or basketball, Tecnotile is an ideal surface. It contains cushioned properties which work to prevent fatigue and injuries caused by hard ground. Players can run around, safe from slipping thanks to the strong grip Tecnotile provides for their feet. Better yet, this flooring system is virtually maintenance free.

Tecnotile offers the ability to reinforce the ground where you might expect a heavy footfall on a long term basis. A great example is the iconic historic UK tourist destination of Stone Henge. Thousands of international tourists walk around the ancient stones each week and the grassy natural environment remains intact thanks to Tecnotile.

One of the popular uses for Tecnotile is in health clubs and gyms. Utilised in the surrounds of swimming pools, water will easily drain through the perforated thermoplastic tiles and ensure that pool users don’t slide around on the wet flooring. While it’s perfect to keep the people walking on it upright, Tecnotile is also heavy duty enough to be used by wheelchairs, golf carts and similar vehicles. This resilience gives the facilities managers in health and sports clubs the chance to put it to work across different applications.

One of the most attractive things about Tecnotile is that it’s a cost-effective and fast way to upgrade tired facilities. Installing the system will cause minimal disruption to your premises, allowing you to get the new surface up and running without it needing to be game over for your customers.

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