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Duragrid Ground Reinforcement | Black

The days of having to build pathways and driveways from expensive, traditional hard-standing materials are gone thanks to Durapath.

When you are looking at options to fit a new car park, access road, cycle path or driveway, you want a durable and robust solution that can be installed quickly.

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In Durapath you’ll get a product ready to take the heaviest of day-to-day loads, but that also allows water to permeate the ground as the Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems Laws demand. Just get an installer to fit the system, fill the Durapath tiles up with your choice of sand, soil or gravel and the job is done.

If sustainability is important to you as is keeping the environment looking natural, then planting grass seed into a top soil filling will enable you to create a lawn in your car park. A reinforced grass surface that supports the vehicles using it, while protecting your planted setting.

Durapath Ground Reinforcement is good news for the owners of properties that badly need a car park or driveway makeover. Each set of 4 Durapath tiles makes up one square meter, and you can position them using a range of different markers to personalise your space. That means if you’re laying a new office car park, you can easily identify where the general parking, disabled spaces and designated exits are. You can also choose to fill the Durapath system with the type of gravel, soil or sand most suitable for the vehicles that will be using it.

Unlike the typical concrete methods, using a system like Durapath gives you more flexibility. The manufacturer guarantees the product for ten years, so you won’t need to replace and refit the tiles for a decade. But when the time does come to make a change, it’s an easy fix and won’t take long for your professional installer to replace or amend it. In the meantime, you can drive and park on Durapath content in the knowledge its solid support won’t fail you.

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