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  • Heavy-duty, self-aligning flooring system
  • Easy to lay without the use of tools
  • Supports up to 122,060kgs per sq ft
  • Protects grass, and comes with an option for drainage and ventilation holes
  • Contours to uneven ground
  • Will conceal cables and mitigate trip hazards

For maximum ground protection at major stadium events, for heavy-duty tent applications and as trackway for light machinery, ArmourDeck™ is an unbeatable solution.

ArmourDeck™ comes in two options:

ArmourDeck 1 – With aeration and drainage holes
ArmourDeck 3 – ArmourDeck with reinforced underside

Price includes VAT

£82.85 (ex VAT)






Whether you are building a military shelter or headquarters, organising a special event for large groups of people or need to get a trackway in place fast, you can rely on ArmourDeck™. This smart system contours to the uneven ground are simple to lock together and provides a sturdy, even surface that will withstand most weather conditions.

The system will arrive flat-packed, but it won’t take long to get the large panels in place thanks to ArmourDeck’s self-aligning system. Without using complicated tools or professionals to install it, your crew can lay the flooring quickly and efficiently. Designed to protect the ground below it, as well as the people and machinery above, ArmourDeck™ has an option for drainage and aeration holes if you need them to keep the turf in good condition. This makes it a winning option for those working at professional sports stadiums and other venues where the cost of returning the grass to mint condition could be huge.

Underneath each of the panels are multi-way cable channels that will enable you to power computers, machinery and other tech without risk of trips or leaving an unsightly bunch of cables on display. In large tent special events, this is particularly useful as the price of damaged kit can be substantial.  

ArmourDeck™ can support 12,060kgs of weight per sq ft, can be cleaned by power washing and can be stacked for simple transportation or storage.

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