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Bike Track

1 inch (2.54cm) Flooring

  • Resilient military grade flooring
  • Anti-static and non-slip
  • Suitable for light vehicles
  • Impervious to most chemicals
  • Easy to install (no tools required)
  • Ships on reusable pallets
  • Five-year warranty (see manufacturer for details)
  • Standard lead time is 10-12 weeks

Price includes VAT

£115.38 (ex VAT)






There’s a reason that Bike Track’s robust modular flooring is a favourite with the US military – it’s incredibly tough, robust and designed to support the roughest installations.

When you are building military accommodation, food prep areas, tent floors, or command posts, it’s crucial that you are working on a surface that will take the strain. Even from its entry level 1” (2.54cm) panels, Bike Track can do the job.

Most suitable for internal applications, the 1” (2.54cm) kit is the perfect solution when you need to get a floor in place with minimum fuss. One of the best features of this flooring is that it is self-aligning: that means that you won’t go offline, no matter how big the area you are installing. Better yet, no training is required to connect the panels as the simple friction-fit u-channels lock together easily, without the need to use tools to secure them.

Bike Track are experts in what the military need to get them set up and ready for action as quickly as possible. Their flooring solutions meet those needs, providing a tough, versatile surface that can deployed in several different areas of your operation.

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