Whether you’re planning a large event or even just a family party in the back garden, temporary events flooring offers a range of benefits. While it is often overlooked as an option, temporary flooring can help look after your flooring – both inside and outside – as well as improve health and safety. 

If you’re not sure if temporary events flooring is the right choice for you, take a look at some of the benefits it provides. 

More Space

Events flooring can help you to open up your available space to expand your event. This is particularly helpful at the moment with social distancing still being important. 

You can make better use of outdoor space that may not usually be suited to events – such as uneven ground – as well as expand available car parking space. This can deliver better amenities but also help to improve the safety of attendees.

It also creates better access for individuals, whether this is staff needing to carry items or push trolleys from one area to another or attendees with mobility issues. Create clear paths that are even and stable can drastically improve people’s experience while also ensuring their safety.

Added Protection

Whether your event is outside on grass, you want to keep your carpets clean or want to avoid the issues that come with rainfall during outside events, temporary flooring can help. Not only does this protect your attendees from slips and falls, but it can also help protect you from people leaving due to the weather or facing fines as a result of damage to a venue. 

Temporary events flooring can be used inside to create a more suitable floor or to protect the flooring underneath from muddy footprints, spilt drinks and more. Similarly, you can use it outside to even the floor if there are potholes or to protect the grass, as well as stop the ground from getting churned up and muddy in the event of rain. 

You can also utilise temporary car parks, which again will protect the grass but will also stop cars from getting stuck if the weather is bad. This will allow you to make the most of the space you have in a safe way. 

Event flooring can look after you and attendees, making it a great option no matter the event.

Strong and Reusable

Temporary events flooring is made to be used over and over again, meaning it is strong and durable. It can handle cars, lots of feet and heavy equipment easily, making it a great investment whether you regularly run events or have just one or two each year. 

The right event flooring can:

  • Protect from trips and falls
  • Withstand vehicles and heavy equipment
  • Resist stains and water damage
  • Be used multiple times

It does all this while helping to maintain your brand identity and create a good impression at every event you plan.


As well as being reusable, the same event flooring can often be used for multiple types of events. Beyond car parks and grass cover, temporary flooring can be used in marquees, stages, house parties, trade shows, garages and a lot more. 

It is ideal for personal and professional use, providing a solid and versatile solution. Even better, you can choose from a range of aesthetic features – including shape, size and colour – to create the perfect look without having to sacrifice functionality and safety.

Simple Installation

No matter what type of events flooring you chose, you’ll be able to enjoy quick and easy installation, helping you be ready for an event in no time. You don’t need a professional team to install your flooring, which helps you save money whether you’re a business or are planning a small event at home. 

You’ll find that temporary events flooring is easy to transport, install and remove, with most providing easy snap and lock installation. This is not only great for setting up and after your event, but it also means you can quickly move flooring or add more as needed during your event without causing disruption. 

Not only does this make it great for events, it is also beneficial if you are renovating a property, doing outside groundworks and in many more situations. Simply lay your temporary flooring and be ready for anything. 


Possibly one of the most important factors whether you’re looking at temporary event flooring for personal or professional use is that it is affordable. It is a cost-effective solution for a large number of situations, especially when you factor in the fact that it protects from potentially expensive fines or repair costs. 

There are many options available, so it is easy to make the most of temporary flooring while staying within budget, especially as you will be able to get so many uses out of the same flooring. 

If you need advice on the best temporary events flooring to suit your budget, needs and event, get in touch with our expert team today by emailing contact@thefloorbox.com or by calling us on 0203 286 7463.

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