Have you ever looked at the sad pile of junk in your garage and wished you were making better use of this handy space? What’s currently housing old copies of magazines, a few unloved ornaments and shoes you haven’t worn for a decade could be your new workshop, craft room or games area. All it takes is a visit to Floorbox and six minutes of your time.

Where do I start?

Whether you’ve got a single or double garage, step one is to clean all that junk out of your way. We recommend you, with your family’s permission, make a visit to the tip or charity shop because if those items have been festering in your garage for years, you ain’t using them again. Once the space is clear, you’ll typically have a concrete floor below. Give it sweep, and you’re ready to roll.

What do I use?

The aim of this game is to create an environment where you can work or play, not to move your vehicle in from the cold. To achieve this, you need a lightweight flooring system, and we recommend Rola-Trac Ultra. This system is ridiculously simple to assemble and is designed for use by pedestrians, so it’s perfect for this job. You don’t even need to rope in your family or friends to help you lay the plastic light weight mats because it’s a one-person job. Simply slot the t-peg into the joint and secure. We timed it, and it took just six minutes for our volunteer to lay a single garage floor, meaning in just 15 minutes, you can cover the double garage. Use a rubber mallet to bang on the edging ramps, and the job’s a good ‘un.

Now what?

This is where the fun begins. You can decide whether you’re hosting a pool tournament in there, setting up a home gym or creating a whole new workspace. There are so many great options, and you’ll begin safe in the knowledge that the flooring is easy to clean and much more pleasant to be on than a harsh concrete surface. There’s flexibility if you change your mind as well. It only took us four minutes to pull up the Rola-Trac Ultra flooring. Simple, affordable and versatile, any light weight temporary floor system could give your garage a whole new lease of life.

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