The great work that Marcus Rashford has done recently on school meals is the tip of the iceberg.


Please watch this video to find out how thousands of Norfolk families are now in food poverty. Richard Nash explains what the (Norwich based) Soul Foundation is doing about it, and how we can all help them become even more effective through out the summer of a very challenging 2020.



Twenty-five thousand people in Norfolk were in food poverty before coronavirus.

Since the pandemic lockdown happened, the scale of food poverty in Norfolk has become almost immeasurable.

Richard Nash, along with The Soul Foundation, is striving to support Norfolk families in need by delivering meals to schools for distribution within their communities.

Three meals a day, for three days, for all household family members is way more than the Government programme, which only helps the school children within a family group.

With the summer holidays looming, money is running out while the need is exponentially growing.


We need your help to get through the summer holidays, and this is why:

  • Pre pandemic; Soul foundation delivered 1000 meals a week to families in food poverty around Norwich and parts of Norfolk.
  • Since the pandemic Lockdown began, the number has increased to 40,000 meals a week, and is still rising.
  • Just one School in Norwich needs £3.5k per week to feed vulnerable children. 
  • The total meals delivered by Soul Foundation to date is now over 300,000 since the pandemic began!

We need your help from our Norfolk businesses to keep this going.

Your support could come in different ways.

  • You may be a food manufacturer who could donate bulk supplies of food. 
  • You may be a logistics company who could help with collections of tonnes of food from central hubs. 
  • Finally, you may want to help us with financial donations to keep us running to full capacity through the summer.


Discover how you and your business can make a positive difference to support this ongoing crisis in our community.

Donate or directly support #Soulfoundation now

It is time for Norfolk business to stand up and be counted. Will you be one of them?

If you can help, then please Call Us On 01603 343380

 or donate directly on our Soul Foundation page .

Thank you for your support.

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