We know that people and businesses all over the world could benefit from the agile, cost-effective temporary flooring solutions at Floorbox. Our vision has always been to take what we are doing in the UK and make it accessible across the globe. Now we’ve kicked off our UK operation, the big question was where we’d take the concept next. Once we had a think, the answer was obvious – it had to be the good ol’ US of A. So Floorbox CEO John Davy jumped on a plane and took a whistle stop tour around the States to lay the groundwork for an American operation. These are the great manufacturers he’s brought onboard the Floorbox train – and what makes their products so special.


Checking out Checkers


John’s first stop was Broomfield, near Denver, Colorado – home to Checkers Safety Systems. With factories all over America and Europe, this multinational heavyweight is already our partner at Floorbox UK. For John, this relationship is key, so he was keen to make a connection with the American arm of the company.

“These guys have such a huge, exciting range of products,” says John. “Having worked with their European team, and seen the innovations they come up with, I couldn’t wait to see what else was on offer in the US. They showed me things including the wheel chocks they do for aircraft, their mining equipment and parking stops. It’s an incredible choice they offer, and I can’t wait to put that selection in the hands of the Floorbox US customers.”


On the road with BikeTrack


Flying out of the mid-west, John headed north to Woodstock, Vermont to meet the good folk of Bike Track. This company is a major player in modular flooring, and work with the military to build resilient ground cover. With his background in military logistics, John couldn’t wait to touch base with them.

“We love what Bike Track do – and their product is so resilient,” explains John. “They sell Bike Track in 1 and 2-inch sizes, and it is used as an internal flooring system (particularly useful if you’ve got an integrated cable system) as well as outside. We know they can support the military customers we have, but we think their product is so resilient that it could be used by domestic customers too. Having seen Bike Track up close, it’s strong enough to park cars on and is a pretty economical choice for consumers. We want to help them move into many different markets.”


All (Signature) Systems go in Dallas


From North back down to the deep South as John hit Dallas, Texas. As well as doing some sightseeing, he stopped by manufacturer Signature Systems to talk to them about bringing their extensive portfolio into the Floorbox world.



“What’s brilliant about Signature Systems is that they got so much choice, and offer so many products that compliment purchases a Floorbox customer will have made,” explains John. “They do everything – from lightweight products like EventDeck through to MegaDeck, which is used for heavyweight applications. They even make dance floors using a product called DanceDeck! Signature Systems are doing amazing business, but we want to help them conquer the retail market too. We hope we can add value to what they do by putting them into new markets, and helping them with their distribution.”


Touching base with MacroTrac


Finally, John had an appointment to keep with MacroTrac – the licensed USA distributor of the brilliant Rola-Trac products. We know how awesome I-Trac, Supa-Trac and Rola-Trac flooring is, and we wanted to make sure we could offer it to our American customers. So it was important to get talking to MacroTrac.

“It’s a key relationship for Floorbox – we know our customers love Rola-Trac products,” says John. “MacroTrac are big players for industrial customers. They have a keen focus on areas like mining and construction. At Floorbox, we want to take more choice to our domestic customers, and we hope that we can move MacroTrac’s products into the retail market. Together, we can do great things.”


First step – done!


The future is exciting for us, but our focus is always on what we can bring to our customers. If we can serve American consumers as well as our UK ones, we’ll be happy. If you think we can help you find the right temporary flooring system for you needs, get in touch.


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