When you are running a construction outfit there are plenty of times when unexpected problems arise and it’s your job to solve them. Often, you’ll be thinking on your feet in a bid to keep the client happy, the site protected and your good reputation preserved. We believe that some of these problems can be answered with a temporary flooring solution. So, we’ve identified five reasons that it’s a no-brainer for construction companies to own a small stock of trackway.


1. Mind the gap!

Picture this, you’re working on a site where there is one point of access and it’s through that entrance everything and everyone is arriving. It doesn’t take long before what started off as a respectable bit of ground is trashed and people and vehicles are struggling to wade through the quagmire. But if you’ve got decent medium or heavy duty Trackway system you can lay down in the first place, the problem is solved but you even set foot on the property. 


 2. Laying down the law


When you win a tender, the first thing you need to do is examine all the stipulations your new client has come up with. If you’re working on a new construction on a military base or a school, it’s likely you’ll need to provide a safe access for people still using the facility. At this point, you’ll probably reach for your laptop to rent some temporary flooring kit and balk at the cost. If your project is going to go on longer than 12 weeks, this rental is going to start getting very expensive fast. It’s far better to buy your own, use it when you need to without worrying about rental costs, and have it as part of your artillery for the next time.


3. Image problems


When you are working on an extension of someone’s house or the premises of a small business, looks matter. They might say they want the job done regardless, but the truth is that most clients get stressed out after materials, vehicles and workmen ruin their lawn. Not only does this situation get fraught, but when you’re done, there’s the job of restoring it all to its former glory (aka a right royal pain in the ass). Save yourself the bother by laying down some flooring that will hold you and your materials, and protect the ground underneath. Laying Trackway show the client you care about them and their environment, and you’ll save yourself the time and money of restoring it. A PR win as well as a cost-effective solution.


4. Prepare for the unexpected with Trackway


On every job there tends to be something that happens that wasn’t in the original plan. A good construction company can roll with the punches and get the job done regardless. In our experience, when you need a safe, dry space to stand products, materials or create access roads, temporary flooring is invaluable. To have Trackway to deploy at a moment’s notice elevates you above the competition, and shows how versatile your company is. Better still, if you’re not using it, you can rent it out to other people who need it. Think your local fetes, festivals, and other contractors. A great way to guarantee a return on your investment.


5. Cost it out

In this business, you know it’s all about the sums. If you invest in 20-30 metres of trackway, the benefits are going to show in your bank account as well as your service. You are going to save money on rental fees and restoring ground back to its original state. Having the kit in your possession means that when things happen, you’re ready to sort it and will save time and money by having an easily-deployed solution. On top of that, you now know that you can rent your stuff out to others and make a return, and maybe a profit, on your initial outlay. Given that getting a rental company out to lay it for you will cost around £1,500 -£2000 minimum, it’s a good idea to be ahead of the game. Want to find out more. Just click the RED chat/ message button at the bottom of the page and let us know how we can help.

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