The ‘Beast from the East’ might have turned our nation into Narnia this week, but canny organisers know that the spring events season is deceptively close. As bookings begin to rush in, and clients start talking about delivering their next big event, you know that your team needs to be prepared, agile and ready to move fast. We’re here to help make your life easy when it comes to ground protection, access ways, walkways and marquee flooring.Having worked on huge events including the London Olympics right down to smaller jobs such as flower shows and community festivals, we’ve seen it all and know which systems are the best available for your job. These are our top tips for choosing the right event flooring solutions to keep your clients, workers and visitors happy. 


#1 Make sure your existing flooring systems are up to scratch.


Safety is vitally important, but let’s start talking about delivering a tip-top experience with wonderful flooring. If you’ve got trackway, access road mats or marquee flooring in-house, make sure you check them thoroughly before you begin the new season. Pay particular attention to the connecting points on each mat to make sure there’s no damage that could weaken the system. You don’t want to compromise the safety of your workers and guests with faulty kit, and it’s a good idea to see what advantages upgrading your stock might give you. With innovative new products being added to the market all the time, make sure your system is doing everything you want it to as efficiently as possible.


#2 Use the same flooring system for multiple applications.


Be smart at the start and it can really pay off. If you are building the event infrastructure, you’ll need a system that can handle the weight of machinery and vehicles. You may also be keen to protect the ground if you are working on a client estate, community space or some other kind of sensitive site. By choosing a robust system like Lodax Premium or Euromat, you can create resilient access routes onto the site and keep the ground below in good shape. These track mats help you keep the project moving on schedule and give you a chance to drive down the cost of restoring the site to its previous condition. Good quality mats can also be cleaned and used as smart walkways for your visitors at the front of house too – either saving you from buying twice or allowing you to create a second revenue stream from the same job.


#3 Create the right impression with stylish products.


If you are handling the front of house arrangements, it’s important to give the guests the experience they expect. Safety is paramount, but your client will also expect you to ensure their visitors have comfortable, smart paths to walk on. It’s not difficult to dress the systems to look great as part of a wider event concept, but you need to guarantee that these light mats will just be used by pedestrian traffic. In this country, the weather is always a tricky variable, but with walkways in place and marquee flooring that protects smart shoes from rain-sodden surfaces, you can mitigate the issues it causes. You and your client will look good if no-one goes home with ruined shoes or muddy outfits.


#4 Make sure you know what your options are.


It’s important to get impartial advice before selecting the right flooring for your event. At Floorbox, we work with a wide range of manufacturers and so we’re not tied to any one company. Having tried and tested the systems, we’ve made it our business to know which systems suit different projects and industries. That allows us to give you a few different solutions for your event, and together we can make sure you find the one that will suit you the best. Thanks to our team experience in staging events – from rock concerts to global sporting tournaments – we can be confident that you’ll get the right advice and the right products. Together, we’ll make your events season a big success.


If you’d like to talk to our team about our event flooring systems get in touch on +44 (0)203 286 7463 or jump on the live chat.

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