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Marquees, Concerts and Exhibitions

Marquees, Concerts and Exhibitions

You can’t guarantee good weather for your outdoor events - but that shouldn’t stop you from staging them.

When it comes to weddings, parties, fetes, exhibitions and any other occasion, choosing the marquee option allows you the best of both worlds. Our marquee flooring solutions allow you to establish a smart and comfortable surface inside and to build walkways into the tent.

For those staging concerts in venues that primarily function as football grounds, stately homes, etc, temporary flooring can be a godsend.

By using trackway, you can move heavy stage equipment and vehicles on-and-off site, create compounds to store kit while the event is on, and to protect access points on the site from getting destroyed.

A sudden influx of visitors and vehicles to any site is going to take its toll, and most venues ask you to return the site to its original condition when the event is over. You can ensure the repair costs are reduced and the site runs smoothly by protecting the ground and the people with track mats. Use them wisely and the venue owners will be welcoming you and your crew back time and again.

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