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Crowd Protection

Crowd Protection

For any event professional, keeping visitors and guests safe is of paramount importance.

Sadly, with the current threat of terrorism and the possibility of hostile intruders targeting large-scale events, it’s imperative to have solutions in place that can protect crowds.

In recent years, the weaponization of vehicles has created a demand for barrier products, and defence industry giant HESCO has met that need with their Terrablock® range.

You can choose from systems designed to mitigate vehicle attacks and create boundaries for deployment in urban areas. There are fencing options that can help keep the crowd under control and have clime resistant panels. You can also establish a secure perimeter around any area and control access at a gated entrance.

Better yet, Terrablock arrives flat-packed and can be quickly moved in and out of position, perfect for use at football stadiums and gigs where time is of the essence.


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TerraBlock XT Perimeter Security Barriers

From £648.00 - £738.00
From £777.60 - £885.60 (inc VAT)

TerraBlock XL Crowd Protection Barriers

From £518.40 - £576.00
From £622.08 - £691.20 (inc VAT)