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Shed heaven: Floorbox helps customers get back to bases

shed base packs for garden shedsGetting the right shed base in place is the difference between a sturdy result and a damp, unsteady mess. That’s why Floorbox developed shed base packs to make it as easy as we could for you to get the job done right from the foundations up. For our customer Andrew, this was the solution he was looking for as temperatures dropped and winter beckoned.

The problem

“I had an ageing shed that I’d decided to replace, but the previous structure had been placed on a foundation of old bricks. I needed to find a more robust base, one that would be fairly simple for me to construct. I’m in my mid-seventies, and I’m no longer up to digging deep foundations and handling quantities of cement or paving slabs.”

The Floorbox solution

“I came across Floorbox through an Internet search, and I thought the modular style of GeoGrid Standard would be right for my job. It offered an easier form of construction than concrete or paving slabs, and there was an added advantage of longevity and drainage through the gravel that was part of the foundation.

“I sought help from the customer service line and found them courteous and able to provide the advice I was seeking. Having placed the order, the GeoGrid shed base was delivered on time and securely packed by DPD.”

The results

“I found GeoGrid easy to use and forgiving of the unevenness of the ground. Once I filled it with gravel, it provided a very stable base which I am confident will last many years. I readily recommend GeoGrid and Floorbox.”

It’s always great to hear that Floorbox is delivering a good service to our customers. We’re trying to make getting what you need for your job as simple as possible. If you have any queries or need advice, do what Andrew did and contact our customer service team via the live chat, on 0203 286 7463 or email

 If you are looking for the perfect base to build your shed on, head over to our dedicated page and browse our shed base selection. We’ll help you ensure your shed is winter ready.