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Attention winter gardeners! Our greenhouse foundation packs will keep you in bloom.

Do you dread the arrival of autumn because it means retiring your green fingers until the spring? With a Floorbox greenhouse foundation pack, you can ensure you remain at one with your plants all year around.

It might be game over for your geraniums, but that doesn’t mean you must give up on the garden altogether. With a sturdy greenhouse in place, you can move fragile perennials inside and tend to them, while also cultivating your winter salads. But first, you need to get the structure in place - and that means creating the greenhouse foundation.

You may have seen our shed base packs - the handy, go-to purchase when you want to install an affordable, fuss-free surface to build on. Having helped gardeners who simply want to retire their trowels etc. for the colder months, we realised there was also a chance to help the hardy horticulturists too. That’s why we’ve created greenhouse foundations packs that make it easy and affordable to get your base in place.

Our customers tell us that they want to avoid spending lots of money by hiring professionals to lay concrete to build on. As well as the cost, they tell us that the noise and mess involved isn’t pleasant either. We get it.

With our ground reinforcement products, there’s no need to employ anyone else to do the work. Instead, you measure the greenhouse, pick the appropriate pack and then follow the simple instructions. It’s so easy to connect these flooring systems, and once they’re in place they’ll keep the elements, damp and vermin at bay.

greenhouse foundation ground protection

Before you know it, you’ll be clad in a snug gilet, trowel in hand and listening to Radio Four without a care in the world. Think of all those happy hours of pottering, and how satisfying it’s going to feel to bring your thriving plants out into the warm when spring arrives.

If you’d like any help or advice with your greenhouse foundation packs, do get in touch here. The Floorbox team are always happy to help.

Oh, and if you are getting even more ambitious in the garden building department, keep an eye out for our upcoming log cabin base packs. They’re just around the corner.